Biography Workshops

Positive, powerful and profound in their impact on individuals and groups; these workshops (half or whole day) create a new depth of shared understanding, honesty and positive feeling among groups of all sizes. They are highly motivational, as well as reflective on such issues as legacy and personal renewal.

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I also offer life/career/professional coaching for a small number of clients, including business leaders and politicians.   I am expert in personality profiling, which I incorporate into an evolutionary approach to adaptive effectiveness – yes, it’s different!  If you’re interested drop me a line or call me

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Other Lectures & Workshops

Leadership:  My view on this muddled topic is new,  clear, practical, and designed for people in every kind of leadership situation.  My lectures/workshops (any length up to a day) are inspirational, novel, confidence-building, and intensely useful.

Family Business:  I am an expert in the field; encompassing all aspects of what it takes to build a winning culture, focused strategy, effective leadership, good governance, and well-managed family relationships.

Culture Change: Culture is key to sustainable effectiveness in organisations and groups of all sizes, but often neglected or mismatched with vision and structures.  In both teaching and consulting interventions I can help you build a truly engaging and adaptive organisational culture

Other Topics:  I can offer sessions on a wide variety of topics on request:  Employee  motivation; Managing your boss; Influencing & presentation skills;  Teamwork; Managing financial professionals; Talent management and much more.


Top Team & Company Interventions

I have helped companies of various kinds turnaround their fortunes by facilitated interventions with boards/top teams, and in resolving human, structural, cultural and strategic challenges.

Interventions can take the form of facilitated team-building; research/inquiry; taking the pulse through survey and other techniques.

My approach is founded in the insights of evolutionary science as it applies to the human animal – finding solutions that work with a realistic rather than idealized view of human nature.

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Next Steps…

Contact me, no matter how big or small your budget, and I will try to help.  I will do pro bono work for charities, and scale my fees according to your business model, my interest in your  challenge, and my view of the likelihood of achieving success for you.