Here are some pieces that  may be of interest.  Write to me anytime and I will try to respond

I love to run Biography Workshops – here’s why:  Biography

We had an unexpected election result in June 2017.  Just before polling day I wrote this:  Thoughts about Leadership and the Election  

My reflections on the life of Kazakh nomads from my fieldtrip in the summer of 2016.

I’ve written a lot on leadership.  See my book on  Here’s an early piece that discusses the old chestnut, are leaders born or made?

And one on something that’s always relevant somewhere:  how to lead in the toughest of times

Finally, here are some articles on themes from the book If you click on the bottom of each piece you can turn the pages.

A New View of Leadership
Nicholson~Developing Leaders

Loss Leaders
Seeing, Being and Doing - New Ways to Develop Leaders